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Beauty, elegance and sophistication anticipated by the wearer can be found only in authentic CHANEL.


Many replica watches are not anything close to the level of highly recognized standards of an original. Links of a replica may be secured by light-weight pins which could easily detach within a few minutes of putting it on. Some pins actually resemble solid screws, but are actually fragile pins that are folded to fool the eye.

The weight of a replica watch is often found to be too heavy or too light. That is something that could take you by surprise when ordering online, to find out only after placing an ordering, making payment, and actually receiving it.

The crystal on a replica will likely be made of a substandard material that may shatter injurious shards if smashed with the slightest impact. That is something you would hope would never happen.

Why risk money on a watch that will likely be a disappointment? The way to assure CHANEL quality, is to stay with the genuine.

For answers to any more of your questions about the problems associated with replica Chanel watches, handbags and other products, please visit For more information about replicas and counterfeiting please visit The International Anticounterfeiting Coalition website.

To find where genuine CHANEL watches can be purchased visit