Replica Chanel Store History

On this site and others operated by the same individuals, many replica Chanel goods were advertised and sold, such as a brown messenger bag with the CC Monogram (12.5" X 4.5" X9") for $220, a Classic Quilted Flap MM Long (10.5"X2.5"X4.0" ) in white, pink, grey, blue and black also for $220 and a Calfskin Bag (15"X6.0"X15") in white, pink and black for $241. The replica items appearing here were sold with fake authenticity cards and serial numbers.


In March, 2009, a Federal Judge ordered the operators of this website to stop "manufacturing or causing to be manufactured, importing, advertising, or promoting, distributing, selling or offering to sell counterfeit and infringing goods using the Chanel and Louis Vuitton Marks." The Court's order was ignored by the owners of this website. Accordingly, in August, 2009, the Court held the operators of this website in contempt of Court and ordered all of the operators' domain names be removed from their control and transferred to Chanel and Louis Vuitton so that they could no longer be used as a means for illegally selling replicas.

Chanel Replica information


Frankly, there could be a number of serious consequences in supporting replica sellers. Let's get on with it. Here are the reasons why we should care so much about replica watches.

  • Sellers of replica Chanel goods sell poor quality products. You might think you are getting a good deal, but what you are ordering is not anywhere near the level of quality of an authentic Chanel item. Moreover, when the product you purchase quickly starts to break, rip, fade or just fall apart, there will be no one standing behind the product to guarantee your purchase. Chanel stands behind the genuine Chanel products it sells.
  • Replica Chanel sellers often do not pay taxes, leading to millions of dollars in lost revenues which could otherwise go to cities and states from the sale of legitimate goods.
  • Since the act of producing and selling counterfeit Chanel products is itself illegal, it is common for Chanel shops to often be associated with crime networks engage in other unlawful conduct, such as identity theft. Some sellers of fake Chanel products may even be part of organized crime networks or terrorist groups, who could be hiking up knockoff's prices at a gigantic margin of more than 500% to make as much money as they can as quickly as possible. Maximized profits from the sale of replicas often go towards financing their many criminal activities.
  • Many, if not most, disreputable online replica stores often simply do not deliver goods that have been ordered and already paid for by the buyer. Also, such online stores, which are often operated by extensive organized criminal enterprises try to avoid filling orders, sometimes never intending to, or never bothering to ship orders to buyers.